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2022 BCBS Medicare Supplement Plans

Currently, Medicare Plan N and G are the most popular and available plans in the market. This is after Plan F was removed from the line-up in 2020. Medicare has been in operation for over a decade. These supplements aim to assist senior citizens to have health insurance. It is available across 47 states of the US.

Medicare Parts F, G, and E

2022 BCBS Medicare Supplement Plans

The major parts that provide you with base coverage are Parts A, D, and B. Part C is an Advantage Plan. You may only have it if you’ve opted out of parts B and A. It’s not possible to have Medigap and the Advantage plan at the same time. The parts of Medicare stop at D. There isn’t part G, F, or E. However, we have Supplement Plan G.

There aren’t significant changes in the Medicare supplement 2022 plans, although there are things to note, especially those in the Medigap plan. Just as in the past, the most famous plans remain to be Plans N, G, and F. Those who joined the Medicare from January 2020 on-wards aren’t allowed to be part of Plan F. Consider Medicare supplement Plan G as the savings may be great for you.

Rate of Medicare Supplement.

The supplement’s rates are governed by several factors, including Zip Code, use of tobacco, discounts on households, gender, and age. Should you fail to give accurate data to the agent, you will not get the right quote. In each of the factors listed lies different risks. The premium for the males is higher than those of the females. Similarly, the Florida rates are much greater than those in North Carolina, and tobacco users have to pay more.

BCBS Plan F.

It provides 100% coverage, excluding the foreign travels where they are paid 80% for emergency purposes. Individuals who enrolled in Parts B and A before January 2020 are eligible to join Plan F. There isn’t a better BCBS Plan F because the government standardizes all the supplement plans. There are established rules, and each insurance carrier provides similar coverage and plans letters.

Medicare Part B Deductible.

With Plan F in mind, this plan gives you a benefit of 198 USD. This means the deductible is covered for you. However, for most citizens, they don’t need this part covered for them. This works each year. The coverage for Plan G is 100% after the deductibles are complete. Probably you are paying about 300 USD more for the F plan than G to obtain the 198 USD benefit. From the reports, some pay 400 USD or 500 USD more, which seems to be an unfair deal.

BCBS Plan G 2022.

While part B deductible is covered 100% by F, for G, you cover it individually. That is the difference between the two if you exclude the higher rates for G and lower premiums. It changes every year and is expected to rise a little bit in 2022 from 198 USD. There is no better plan G because it’s the same irrespective of the company of enrollment. The government standardizes plans of the Medigap, and the benefits are similar. There is absolutely no reason for paying more than expected for any plan of Medigap.

BCBS Plan G 2022 is the most suitable and preferred, especially among the senior citizens clocking 65 years of age. You only cover the initial medical cost. For example, in the year 2020, it was 198 USD. After covering the first bill, the subsequent costs are fully paid for, just like in plan F, though with less premium.

Blue Cross Plan N 2022.

Plan N is identical to G as you pay the Part B deductible by yourself. After that, you may co-pay 20 USD per visit to a clinician. It can’t be higher than 20 USD but probably less. It may even be zero dollars in terms of cost. So, should you experience a medical challenge that needs frequent medical checkup by the doctor, consider choosing plan G over N.

This is because these co-pays may sum up to huge figures with frequent visits to the clinician. Most importantly, check for the premium difference between the Blue Cross Plan N 2022 and others. 

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